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The browser extension that saves money while online-shopping

Cologne, August 8th - Cheapcheap says hello and is starting the hunt for the lowest prices on September 1st. With a backpack full of deals and coupons the new chrome extension will be assisting online shoppers around the world.

It happens all the time: After an online purchase you suddenly find a better price somewhere or you miss out on a coupon deal. Also, the search on price comparison- and coupon websites is inconvenient and time- consuming. The for Google Chrome handles the search for the best offers with one click. It detects prices and recommends better offers automatically. And on top of that it knows tons of coupons so the best deal is always guaranteed!

That's how it works

Using is super easy. At launch, the will be available for the Google Chrome browser. It can easily be installed directly on or in the Google Webstore.

Once the extension is installed, cheap cheap does all the work for you. If you ́re on a product page and Cheapcheap detects a better offer, the extension notifies you with a message (optional) and a badge on the extension icon. With a click on the icon you get an overview of cheaper offers and available coupons. It ́s that easy to save money with

Thanks to it ́s tidy and simple design, Cheapcheap is a smart addition to the browser for all users that shop online. By the way, Cheapcheap knows more than 3000 Shops and counting in over 20 countries. That way the extension is always up to date on prices and coupons making it a great choice for an international audience.

Cheapcheap launches on September 15th 2016 for the Google Chrome Browser. A transfer to other browsers (Firefox, Safari) is also in the works and is expected to be released this year

The team

Chris Gatner (CTO)

Patrik Welzel (CEO)

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